Personal Customized Service

We not only look at matching the skill set required for the position, but also take a closer look at the “soft skills,” synergies with the client’s culture, and personality fit. We provide candidates who have been well vetted in each of these areas.

Exceptional Candidates

We take a hard look at each candidate we present to our clients and ask ourselves, “Would we be willing to hire this person at our own company?” The answer must always be: “Without a doubt.” We never want our clients to be disappointed with the work we do. Our motivation to consistently provide our clients with top quality candidates comes from pride in knowing that we have a long history of exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Below Traditional Pricing

We understand that these are challenging economic times, and that traditional percentage-based head fees are expensive — in any economy. Therefore, we have created a fee structure unique to the industry, offering customized flat rates based on the particular position clients are seeking to fill. Please contact us for details about our pricing structure and guarantee.